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MJH Engineering

One of New Zealand’s leading structural steel fabricators and erectors. Whatever the project,whether a long-span portal frame warehouse, a multi-storey tower-block or a large piece of infrastructure, MJH delivers on time and within budget.

  • Our steel detailers use advanced software that interfaces directly with our production, eliminating errors and wastage.

  • We invest substantially in state-of-the-art plant to cut, drill and weld steel beams and columns
    with ever greater speed and efficiency.

  • We’ve earned a reputation for approaching everything we do with integrity.

  • Our customers will tell you we deliver quality, because we always aim for the very best.

  • The country’s top builders will confirm our reliability and high capacity.

  • We’re enthusiastic about taking full advantage of technology.

  • Our passion for the elegance and cost effectiveness of steel is matched by our zeal for safety, in the workshop and on site.

To really appreciate what drives MJH, you just have to see us in action. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look around our website and form your own impressions.If you care to tell us what you think, make some suggestions or ask a few questions, please click the Contact Us button. We’d be delighted to hear from you!